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Ripley Hypnotherapy provide professional hypnosis and Psychotherapy in or around Derbyshire. How can I help with your issues today?

*** COVID-19 ***

 I am still allowed to be seeing clients again but please note that all social distancing rules will still need to be followed wherever possible. This will include waiting in your car until your appointment time, then you can come in and my door should be open for you to walk straight in and i will close the door (and open it after the session) so minimising transmission of any virus. You can text me if you like if you are new and not sure where to come.

So please be on time with your appointment slots. Hand sanitising gel is still available in the reception area if you need it.

If you have any other questions regarding this please get in touch on 07428 590066. I look forward to seeing you all again soon, please share this

Garry x


If you’re looking for professional help with your issue – contact me today. Since 2001 ive been qualified, registered and insured to help you beat your problem as quickly and effectively as possible. I help with all kinds of mental health issues,  like depression or stress and anxiety and others like weight loss or blushing. My Derbyshire hypnotherapy clinic is CNHC and NCH registered and has been helping people change all kinds of problems for the better via hypnosis and other therapies such as NLP.

Ripley Hypnotherapy is easily found just off the A38 Derby so its easy to get to and from. The Derbyshire clinic serves Derby, Belper, ive even had clients from as far away as York! and of course many clients from Mansfield. I can help you with hypnosis for weight loss, which is something i specialise in. Feel free to ask any questions you might have.

Hypnosis can really help you with smoking, and it has been clinically proven to help control IBS and stress but can be especially good for help with alcohol issues. These are just a few of the things that my clinic can help you with. If you have any questions you are not sure about then call me for your FREE consultation to see how i can help change your life. So if youve been looking to find a hypnotherapist,  contact me  today.

If youre looking for a Hypnotherapist Derbyshire, some of our Services: Therapy for children – Weight Loss Specialist – Stress – Help to Stop Smoking

Call Ripley Hypnotherapy now on 01332 492016 or 07428 590066


Free yourself from emotional and mental health instabilities.

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Learn how to treat nasty habits and damaging physical conditions.

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Help with depression, anxiety, and life-threatening stress.

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What Is Hypnosis?

 Hypnosis is about re training your brain to see YOUR life differently. You can learn to do so much more than you may have ever realised.

 I offer FREE consultations to everyone, this means you have an opportunity to come and see what professional clinical hypnosis can do for you. Hypnosis is perfectly safe and natural, and nothing like most people imagine.

How Hypnotherapy Works

Hypnotherapy is a technique to get all the regions of your brain talking to each other and working as a team. This stops the internal conflict that we all have from time to time, and can bring results which are nothing if not amazing.

Hypnotherapy is probably nothing like you might imagine, and usually quicker than people realise.

Hypnotherapy Derbyshire – helping you change

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