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Finding Love

If you’re back in the dating game or single and hoping you will meet someone, then finding love can be one of the most special times of your life…

Everyone wants to be loved. To have someone who loves us, cares for us and who we can depend on is one of the most important things in life. Also, to have a deep caring and love for someone else is somehow wonderfully enriching and empowering, giving us a sense of importance and belonging.

Some people fall into love without consciously looking for it, whereas other people could be looking to meet someone new and struggling to meet the right person. It is our natural instinct to want to be with someone and to want to find love. Perhaps fate very much has something to do with it because often it’s about being in the right place at the right time. However, sometimes we can have invisible barriers that deters any new love from stepping forward, but once these barriers are broken down, love can come flooding in. Finding love can be one of the most exciting times in your life, so relax and embrace it.

An exciting new time with beautiful moments of romance…

Letting Go of The Past

Many of us are cautious about meeting someone else because of past experiences. If you were hurt in a relationship or you had a negative experience that you still think about, it may be difficult to consider falling in love with someone else. However, experience teaches us and no matter what has happened in the past, it should not restrict you from moving forward and finding a new relationship. Make sure you look at past relationships with perspective – leave them in the past and do not let them have an influence any new love. Finding love and meeting someone new can in fact be a healing experience on past relationships, letting you focus on an exciting new time with beautiful moments of romance, flirtation and future opportunities for you. Let a new partner restore your faith in love, relish every minute and enjoy every moment.

Soulmates can be strong loving relationships that stand the test of time…

A Soulmate Connection

You may have been in a relationship before that you thought was a soulmate connection, feeling like there was a ‘reason’ you met and a lifelong strong connection between you that could never be broken – but it was. Many people think that a ‘soulmate’ is a romantic relationship and while it can be, it can also be someone who has come into your life to teach you important lessons. Whether it’s teaching you about your boundaries, for example that you were not going to be disrespected, or you in fact were teaching them how to love someone – there can be many different reasons but it doesn’t necessarily mean that relationship will last. Indeed, a soulmate connection can be a lover, a friend, a relative or even a work colleague. Of course, soulmates can be strong loving relationships that stand the test of time and many believe that there is a romantic soulmate for everyone.

You are taking the first step to a new romance…

Inviting Love In

If you have been out of the dating game for a while or healing from a past relationship breakup, then the first step to finding love is recognising that you’re ready. Opening the doors to potentially meeting someone new will give you a feeling of confidence and excitement, putting out a positive energy to invite love in. Whether you’re going to a friend’s party, joining a dating site or going out on a blind date, you are taking the first step to a new romance – fantastic! Here’s a few tips.

  • Be Confident – If you come across as confident then you will ooze attraction and people will perceive you as a happy, approachable person that is fun to be with.
  • Show Interest – We all like to talk about ourselves and tell people our life story, but make sure you leave space for the other person to do the same! Show a potential partner that you’re interested by asking lots of questions about them.
  • Avoid Being Needy – Needy people come across as insecure and unconfident which to most people, isn’t very attractive! Smile, appear relaxed (even if you’re not) and show you’re independent so that you gain respect from any new admirers.
  • Avoid the Past – Avoid talking about past relationships unless the other person genuinely asks. Talking negatively about your ex can be a turn off, giving your potential partner the assumption that you may not be over the past and ready to meet someone else yet.

New hopes and promising dreams for the future…

What Does Your Future Hold in Love?

If you’re intrigued to know what the future holds in love, then book a psychic love reading. Psychic readings can give you exciting, powerful insight for the future and many psychics can even describe what your new partner will look like, how and when you will meet and whether it will be a long-term loving relationship. Psychic love readings give you the gentle nudge that you may need to have confidence to get out on the dating game and meet new people. Finding love can be one of the most special times of your life, filling you with new hopes and promising dreams for the future. Call and speak to our gifted psychics now to empower yourself in love.

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test post

Getting Over a Breakup

How to feel more positive when you are getting over a breakup and why focusing on the future can speed up the healing process… When relationships end, it can feel like the world has come crashing down around you and life can drastically change. The person you loved is no longer a large part of your life, making you feel lonely, sad and heartbroken. There are so many reasons why relationships end that it would be impossible to list, but for whatever reason it happened, it’s important to give yourself time to heal and time to accept what has happened. Getting over a breakup isn’t often easy and perhaps the loneliness that we feel is the most overwhelming part of the split, especially when we are used to having that person around us all the time.

Try not to be distracted by feelings of loneliness… Why Did the Relationship End? If your partner was the one to call it a day, then you will undoubtedly be finding it harder than if it was the other way around. Over analysing can be all-consuming and if you’re unsure as to the actual reason why they ended it, then perhaps it’s better to accept that you will never necessarily find the answers. Regardless, you need to try and pick yourself up, be kind to yourself and start to rebuild your confidence. If you were the one to end the relationship, then it’s likely you had a good reason. Try not to be distracted by feelings of loneliness because falling back into the same unhappy relationship could be the wrong thing to do.

Negative relationships are unlikely to ever change, so it is important to realise this, to accept that you need time to heal and to not fall back into the trap of an on / off relationship that will never be long-term. Remember, time is a healer. Life will feel different but it’s about embracing the changes… How to Help Yourself Everyone knows that getting over a breakup can be one of the hardest things in life. However, inevitably you will feel better with time and it will probably be quicker than you think. Living an unhappy life in a negative relationship can be draining, confusing and soul destroying. So many people lose confidence, self-esteem and self-respect when relationships become damaging, so it’s important that you close that door, heal yourself and move forward when you’re ready.

Here’s some tips on getting over a relationship breakup:

• Friendship – Pull in all your friends, spend time together, fill your diary and have some fun times! Keeping busy is a great distraction to getting over a breakup. Spending time with others will give you something else to think about.

• Pamper Yourself – Treat yourself to some pamper treatments, get a massage or have some Reiki healing. Some special pamper time will help you and free you from tension and overwhelming thoughts. Our bodies also physically react to stressful times like a relationship breakup, so look after yourself.

• Avoid the Rebound – Quickly getting into another relationship will not help you get over the breakup. This is an all too common mistake that will more than likely end up as the wrong type of relationship or end in tears. Of course, we naturally often want someone else to focus on, but ultimately it won’t help us in the long-run.

• Plan Your Future – When you feel ready and after some time, start to think about the future. What changes do you want to make that will have a positive impact on your life? Where do you see yourself in the future and what would be your perfect relationship?

Thinking about or making plans for your future helps to accept your independence and empowers you to focus. Planning for the future isn’t avoiding or necessarily disregarding the fact that you are getting over a breakup. You are changing your thought pattern from focusing on what has just happened, to looking at the good things that could come to you in the future. Life will feel different but it’s about embracing the changes, focusing on a whole new life and putting yourself first. It’s time to rebuild your confidence… Start to Feel Positive Once you are through the initial early days of the breakup, you will likely start to realise that ending the relationship was a good thing.

Relationships that are affected by constant arguments, bad communication, cheating or abuse (mental, physical or psychological) are damaging to anyone. Low self-esteem and confidence can weaken people to allow their partners to treat them this way, but often it is because they have put up with this behaviour for a while so they are just ‘used to it’. It’s important to now start to feel positive and to turn your life around. You have already removed yourself from a relationship that will inevitably never work, and it’s time to rebuild your confidence, consider exciting new romantic opportunities and feel good about yourself again.

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Have you ever wondered what hypnosis actually involves? Well, its probably NOT what you think.

We all experience hypnosis (trance states) every day: Things like being lost in a book or a film, “being miles away” or even driving on autopilot are all examples of hypnosis. Sports people call it being in “the zone”.

There is no going to sleep, no mind control, in fact you are probably MORE aware not less.

You are in full control at all times, the hypnotherapist doesnt take over you- that’s just a misconception. You can’t get stuck in a trance state either.

You might feel a deep sense of relaxation, maybe more relaxed than ever before! The simplest way to think about hypnosis, in a way most people can relate to is retraining the brain.

In a trance state, the brain seems far more open to new ways of thinking and behaving than without.

With a good, caring therapist, hypnotherapy is completely safe and natural, and it can have deep lasting effects for life.

If you want to know more feel free to call now to book a FREE consultation where you can see how we can help you.

Call Garry on 07428 590066

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Help With Stopping Drinking

Hypnotherapy To Help With Drinking

We all like a drink, maybe after work to unwind, release a bit of stress, or maybe its a social thing or even just like to have 1 or 2 when you get home. For an increasing number of people though, drinking goes beyond this enjoyable habit and becomes a lot more of a burden. It can get to a point where the drinking seems to take control, and if you’re one of those people that feels like they haven’t got a stop switch then why not try hypnotherapy and see how we can help.

Help Me Stop Drinking hypnosis alcohol help drinking

Dont think there is nothing you can do, environmental factors such as your job, family, relationships, work can all be either a contributing factor or equally they can be the things that help you get out of this rut. It doesnt matter how much you drink, its what you think is an acceptable amount of alcohol that is what is in question. For some people a bottle of wine a night is ok, for some its far too much.

I know from experience of helping both clients who drink a bit too much to working with people who have  serious drinking conditions that you can learn how to control it.

Below are some useful tips from

  • Do you want to stop drinking altogether or just cut back? If your goal is to reduce your drinking, decide which days you will drink alcohol and how many drinks you will allow yourself per day. Try to commit to at least two days each week when you won’t drink at all.
  • When do you want to stop drinking or start drinking less? Tomorrow? In a week? Next month? Within six months? If you’re trying to stop drinking, set a specific quit date.

After you’ve set your goals to either stop or cut back your drinking, write down some ideas on how you can help yourself accomplish these goals. For example:

  • Get rid of temptations. Remove all alcohol, barware, and other drinking reminders from your home and office.
  • Announce your goal. Let friends, family members, and co-workers know that you’re trying to stop drinking. If they drink, ask them to support your recovery by not doing so in front of you.
  • Be upfront about your new limits. Make it clear that drinking will not be allowed in your home and that you may not be able to attend events where alcohol is being served.
  • Avoid bad influences. Distance yourself from people who don’t support your efforts to stop drinking or respect the limits you’ve set. This may mean giving up certain friends and social connections.
  • Learn from the past. Reflect on previous attempts to stop drinking. What worked? What didn’t? What can you do differently this time to avoid pitfalls?

If you still struggle or you feel you need a bit more than self help call now for a FREE CONFIDENTIAL chat. We can discuss where this needs to go and see how we can help you get control.

Read a previous clients review for hypnosis to help with drinking

Call me today on 07428 590066 – i have a Derbyshire clinic and also a clinic covering Mansfield/Chesterfield

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Emetophobia – Fear Of Being Sick

Phobia Of Being Sick

People who suffer from this condition, which is often seen as a phobia of being sick can have a very tough time of it, which is why they turn to a hypnotherapist who can help. The thing with emetophobia is that it makes you anxious, feel nervous, worried etc. For a lot of people this means that the nerves in the stomach can be in turmoil which in turn, then makes them feel sick!

Of course, this then makes a sufferer get so wound up about their phobia, that it actually causes them to experience the thing they fear most.

A short paraphrased section on emetophobia from Dr Carbonell in America may help:

Emetophobia occurs in men and women, children and adults. Some are afraid that they will vomit. Others are afraid of seeing others vomit. Most have trouble describing what they fear will happen if they vomit, or see others vomit, but vaguely fear some terrible loss of control, a catastrophe from which they won’t recover. They fear insanity, death, endless vomiting, and so on. Most times they can recognize that these catastrophes aren’t really going to result from vomiting. But when they feel that vomiting may occur, then they don’t feel so sure.

The overwhelming majority have vomited in the past, since almost all of us have, with no lasting ill effects. Most have also seen others vomit. Yet the absence of any ill effects from past vomiting has generally not helped a person overcome the fear of vomiting. Instead, it usually leads people to try to avoid any possibility of vomiting, and they struggle to protect themselves against what they fear.

Hypnotherapy can help!

Generally speaking, most phobias can be treated quite quickly – in around 3 sessions (depending on the person of course). Hypnosis can help you break these vicious cycles of fear>>worry>>fear of being sick>> more fear etc etc. Believe it or not, its actually the subsequent fear that causes as many problems as the original fear. I have helped people across Derbyshire to beat their fear of being sick (emetophobia) for many years. It is a relatively common fear, but you can learn how to  overcome it.

Sufferers can have a terrible time in trying to avoid any kind of situation that might make them feel sick/anxious. This can mean even avoiding trips to new or exciting places, holidays, restaurants the list goes on.

With a Master Practitioner certificate in NLP i can combine hypnotherapy and NLP to ensure that you get a fast and effective treatment for your emetophobia.

As always if you are in need of hypnotherapy in Derbyshire you can call for a free consultation and see how we can help you overcome this condition. See here for a hypnotherapist in the Mansfield area

See the infographic below courtesy of





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Read Our Google Reviews Here

See more genuine reviews on our Google+ page. Feel free to follow us

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REVIEW: Weight Loss

I had a very pleasant and positive experience going to Ripley Hypnotherapy. Always struggled with my weight and was desperate to get in that head space and finally lose the pounds. I’ve since lost a stone in 8 weeks and i’m 150% sure that I wouldn’t have achieved that without going to this clinic. Very professional and efficient.*



*- as with any type of interpersonal therapy, results may vary. Please contact me FREE to find out more

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REVIEW: Hypnotherapy For Extreme Anxiety

I am extremely impressed with the service received. It was truly a life altering experience. I had extreme anxiety before treatment which has reduced substantially.*


*- as with any type of interpersonal therapy, results may vary. Please contact me FREE to find out more

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Hypnosis For Fears

I felt really comfortable at Ripley Hypnotherapy, it was one of my biggest concerns, wanting to change something but feeling comfortable enough to approach a stranger about it. I am pleased to say, I got over my hesitation and came out the other side, I’m so much more confident, kicked my fears and it is all thanks to Ripley Hypnotherapy. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to my friends. Lyndsey Moss.*


*as with any type of interpersonal therapy, results may vary. Please contact me FREE to find out more


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REVIEW: Help With ‘Life Struggles’!

Garry made me feel comfortable from my initial phone call to my first session to my last and helped conquer my problem. If you want to stop smoking, loose weight, deal with stress or anxiety or any of his other services, I trust Garry to help you get results. Ripley hypnotherapy made a big difference to me!! Thanks Garry.*

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Driving Phobia- Fear Of Driving Tests

I wanted to say a huge gracious thank you to Garry at Ripley hypnotherapy for assisting and guiding me through my anxiety issues regarding taking my driving test. I had recently suffered some sort of complete “episode” each time my test drew near to the point of not seeing the test through even though it was all paid for and prepared. Garry listened to me intently and through his profession and professionalism he completely eradicated these anxieties with me and got me safely to the point of actually taking the test with confidence.I would also like to point out that using the methods he presented me with that I sat the test with complete confidence and I passed !! Thank you so very much Garry and I will continue to use the tools and skills you have shown me.Have a wonderful Christmas and may the new year bring you health wealth and happiness  :)
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Hypnotherapy For Flying Phobia- Fear Of Flying

“Dear Gary, Just a quick note to say a big thank you for everything you have done for me. When I approached you it was really a last port of call. My flying phobia had gotten completely out of control to the point I couldn’t even see a plane in the sky without feeling anxious, not to mention the massive panic attacks I suffered when I actually flew. To be honest, I didn’t hold up much hope for hypnotherapy and was more or less convinced that nothing would be able to help me. I thought hypnotherapy might be fine for people who are slightly nervous, but my anxiety wasn’t touched by enormous amounts of Valium or alcohol, so surely this alternative therapy would have little to no effect on me. I’m so glad though that, out of pure desperation, I sought you out and after 5 sessions I was able to cancel my doctors appointment to get Valium prescribed for my imminent flight. And when the day came around, I was able to fly as a perfectly normal person. Going through hypnotherapy has been life changing, and I am so glad I found someone who takes such pride in their work, are thorough and listens actively to their patients concerns. I have recommended you to all my friends who suffers with anxiety, and hope that they also takes the step to book an appointment with you, as I am confident if you could cure me from my fear of flying, you can cure anyone from anything! All the best Maria



We treat all kinds of phobias

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REVIEW: Hypnosis For Help With Alcohol

“I first approached Garry Webster with an alcohol-related problem not knowing at all what to expect but willing to  “give it a go”. I was immediately at ease as Garry is easy to talk to and confide in. His expert knowledge meant that he could help me to identify that the alcohol was as a result of an issue and not the cause of it. This meant that through hypnosis and Counselling we were able to not only identify the problem but ways of dealing with, and ultimately, removing it. I am pleased to say that I now feel like this has changed my life, enabling me to be more confident, relaxed and happy and I cannot begin to thank Garry enough for his assistance in helping me to achieve this.”

Name Withheld


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Help With Personal Issues

“  After forty years of mental and psychological abuse I had some pretty serious and complex
   personal issues. My doctor told me not to expect too much in my recovery – he said that “sometimes when things are broken they simply can’t be mended”. I didn’t believe that and fortunately neither did Garry Webster.
Garry once said to me that he had seen hypnotherapy achieve wonderful things in people’s
lives and I absolutely believe him.
Garry helped me to turn my life around and I can never thank him enough. What he accomplished with me, in a relatively short time, was nothing short of miraculous and I never thought that I’d be
the way that I am today.
  I would absolutely recommend Garry Webster to anybody who is seeking to improve themselves
  or the way in which they live their lives in any way.”
Name withheld.
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Hypnosis For Public Speaking & Anxiety

“I came to see Garry after I had suffered with anxiety due to a horrendous presentation in front of 40 managers and directors with my role at work. I had reached the point where I would sit in meetings just hating that it would be me next. After researching hypnosis I decided that maybe it could help me overcome my issues and came across Garry’s website and made a booking.

Almost instantly after speaking to him he set my mind at ease and relaxed me as he listened to my experience and assured me I was not alone with my fears.

After a couple of hypnosis sessions with Garry I found more confidence within myself and was able to focus on the important things and not the negative.

Things have gone so well since that I’ve been in front of 90 people presenting my speech with not a worry in the world! 6 months before I’d have been hiding at the back of the room or under the table! I would encourage anyone with concerns or issues similar to mine to try hypnotherapy.

Garry thanks for everything and for helping me focus on the important things in life and not the negative!!!”

Name withheld.

Beat anxiety & panic with hypnosis

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REVIEW: Hypnotherapy For Weight Management & Confidence

“Dear Gary

I would like to say thank you for your patience and understanding over the weeks that I have been coming to see you.

I felt I was a weak failure of a woman, lacked confidence, but you put me at my ease made it easy to talk to you and did not mind about my tears.

I was a bit dubious at the time as to whether the hypnotherapy would work especially in me being desperate to lose weight!!  You did assure me it would happen given time.

After my first few  visits I did begin to feel better and more relaxed, you helped me to realise that I was not a failure or weak and the guilty feelings I had were not my fault and I did not need to feel guilty about anything.

You talked me through why my weight and food phobia telling me I could do anything if I wanted to.

As you said, once you had guided my mind through my issues I began to feel better in myself and did realise I could do anything!! The big problem was my weight and hooray  I did start to lose the weight that I wanted to.

When the time came for you to say that you felt I did not need to come anymore I did panic a little, but I feel I have managed quite well on my own and I do still hear your voice saying you can do it and I can.

I would not hesitate to recommend anyone that has any sort of problems to come along and talk to you.

Once again Gary thank you for helping me through what I thought was a difficult time for me.

I am very grateful thanks.

Name withheld.

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Hypnosis To Lose Weight

“In July 2011 I was the heaviest weight I have ever been and my obsession with chocolate and food was dangerously out of control.

 I knew I had to do something or I would literally eat myself to death.

 I looked on the internet for someone to help me through hypnosis and I came across Garry’s website and  arranged to go and see him.

 Following my first session with him I never touched chocolate again – almost a year now and I don’t crave or want it anymore.

 I knew once I got the chocolate under control I could conker anything and over the next 4 sessions Garry helped me with my eating problems and I have now lost over 5 stone in 11 months and feel so much better.

 My next goal is 6 stone and I know I will get there.

 I can’t recommend Garry enough, he was kind and caring and listened to my issues and tailored the sessions to my needs.  I was sceptical at first but I can confidently say it worked for me.

 The little voice in my head will say to me “Will that food help you lose weight? If not don’t eat it!”

 I have so much more confidence and enjoy going to the gym all through Garry’s help.

We specialise in weight loss

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Hypnosis For Depression

“I would just like to say a big thank you to Garry for helping me to feel sane again after suffering from depression off and on for many years. Garry helped me to see that I could help myself and challenge my thinking.

The amazing thing is how quickly this happens, really after only a few sessions!
Whatever problems you are experiencing hypnotherapy really works and Garry has the experience and skill to put you at ease and help you move on with your life.
Thanks Garry”
Read how to beat depression

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REVIEW: Hypnosis for stopping smoking

“Thanks to Garry I was able to stop smoking a few years ago. After only 1 session I felt transformed, i was no longer feeling the need for a cigarette, within weeks I was feeling better in myself & never looked back since. Not only did Gary save me years of future illness but a load of cash too.

As with most things it takes some will power but Gary helped change my mind set and gave me the tools to do what was needed. I highly recommend the treatment, you have nothing to lose and lots to gain if works for you too.”

Read more about stopping smoking

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