Is Hypnosis Safe?

Absolutely YES! Its no more dangerous than a daydream, as long as youre in trained hands!

Can I Get Stuck In Hypnotic State/Trance?

No. Just an urban myth with NO truth to it whatsoever

What Is Hypnosis?

Not such an easy one to answer. The best description to help you the client, is that it is a way of retraining your brain. A way to overcome problems by digging in and finding the answers from within you. You can look at hypnosis as a state of mind, in that state of mind the brain is a lot more open to change.

Do I Lose Control?

Nope, another myth. In fact, hypnosis is about MORE control not less. I can help you see how much control youve actually got, not how little you thought you had.

How Does It Feel?

Varies from person to person, for most people its a very deep state of relaxation. Probably the most relaxed people have ever been. Until youve eperience it its hard to describe, but its as if half of you is very relaxed and half of you is completely aware of whats going off

What Can it Be Used To Treat?

Many, many things. The common ones are weight, stopping smoking, stress, anxiety, IBS, panic attacks, agorophobia, the list is endless. Ask me if youre not sure.

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