“I came to see Garry after I had suffered with anxiety due to a horrendous presentation in front of 40 managers and directors with my role at work. I had reached the point where I would sit in meetings just hating that it would be me next. After researching hypnosis I decided that maybe it could help me overcome my issues and came across Garry’s website and made a booking.

Almost instantly after speaking to him he set my mind at ease and relaxed me as he listened to my experience and assured me I was not alone with my fears.

After a couple of hypnosis sessions with Garry I found more confidence within myself and was able to focus on the important things and not the negative.

Things have gone so well since that I’ve been in front of 90 people presenting my speech with not a worry in the world! 6 months before I’d have been hiding at the back of the room or under the table! I would encourage anyone with concerns or issues similar to mine to try hypnotherapy.

Garry thanks for everything and for helping me focus on the important things in life and not the negative!!!”

Name withheld.

Beat anxiety & panic with hypnosis