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Hypnotherapy Can Help You Lose Weight !weight loss hypnosis derby

As a hypnotherapist in Derbyshire, I’ve successfully used hypnotherapy to help 1000’s of men and women lose weight and keep it off since 2001, and in this time I have built up a massive amount of experience with all kinds of weight loss issues.

As long as you want to lose weight, then hypnosis can help you.

You Need A Different Mindset

Since I started Ive seen people who have tried EVERYTHING.. including real gastric bands that didn’t work! The 1 thing they all have in common is that they still couldn’t keep on the wagon for long enough, and there is a very simple reason for this.. they didn’t have the right mindset.

Hypnosis Is About Re-Training your Brain

You might find yourself eating when you know you’re not really hungry, you might find you HAVE TO eat all of the chocolate bar as just a few pieces are not enough. What about you feel like a snack but dont feel like eating a proper dinner? These are not physical issues, they are psychological ones. While ever your brain is on this train of thought, you’ll find yourself struggling.

Slimming Clubs Dont Work

Maybe, you or some people you know, have lost weight but a year or so afterwards you’re back to square one and rubbing shoulders with others in the same boat. If these clubs worked well enough, then they would go out of business. Don’t get me wrong, between them they have some good ideas but its just not enough.

Did you know stress hormones can actually interfere with losing weight? Think about when your stressed, what do you find yourself doing, its almost like you do it on autopilot, you find yourself eating before you realise you have done it! Then of course the guilt sets in, then that might continue into the next day, and the next and guilt makes you feel more stressed which again ..makes you eat more- its a never ending vicious cycle.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy weightlosshypnotherapyderby

I have been helping people like YOU use hypnosis for weight loss for over 15 years now, and i know from experience that  it doesn’t have to be as hard as you might think.

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