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Gastric Band Hypnosis (Hypno Band) Hypno band

Feeling stuck with your weight? you dont have to be! Many   people ask about help with hypno-gastric bands, so whats the truth? Ill tell you what most therapists WONT.

The truth is, hypnogastric bands dont work. That doesnt mean im not good at it, i am, im just being honest. Just because Sandra lost 5 stone in the Sun newspaper doesnt mean you will. The chances are against it. No amount of hypno or even real surgery stops your brain wanting to eat rubbish food. Ive had clients with real gastric bands before, and they liquidised mars bars. Dont waste your money.

Tlak to me and ill help you see how you CAN lose weight.

If you follow our tailored plan you can see that along with finding and using your willpower, and learning how to eat better, weight loss doesnt have to end in failure.

This is nothing new to hypnotherapists, the hypnosis band is just part of a process of helping you think about food differently. Hypnosis could help you ( as long as you really want to change!) with your cravings.

As long as you have the willingness, hypnotherapy can help you use it.

No Diets Here

This is not about diets, diets imply a temporary situation which have failure attached to them. Im sure if you are reading this you have already tried weight watchers, slimming world etc etc.

These types of programs can be very good BUT, they do not take into account the input the mind has.

These types of programs may work for you but more often than not my clients always put the weight back on. It is the mind that controls everything, get that on side and you are onto a winner.

If you only concentrate on what the body is doing i.e by diets, then you will not be able to keep the weight off. For most of my clients before they come to see me, they can lose some weight but they cannot keep it off. This is where hypnosis is so useful.

We can retrain the way you relate to food in such a way that it doesnt have to be a never ending battle.

Chocolate Anyone?

Food should be a pleasure not a pain. I know from experience that you can change habits of a lifetime, that you can have some chocolate in the house and not feel compelled to eat it.

Do you know how wonderful it can feel to be able to take or leave a bar of chocolate? Or crisps etc, whatever it is that is your downfall you can beat it.

Hypnotherapy Weight Prices

We have a great reputation and that is because we care about how well we help people.  The Hypno-gastric band is part of the therapy process,  combined with everything else can help you to get your weight under your control.

At Ripley Hypnotherapy we only do things 1 way – the right way! And we have enough experience to help with your weight issues.

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