What does a hypnotherapist do?

A hypnotherapist ( a good one that is) uses hypnosis to help bring about change from all kinds of problems such as weight loss, stopping smoking, anxiety and panic attacks. A clinical hypnotherapist is trained to help you overcome so many of lifes problems, you could look at a clinical hypnotherapist as working on the mind where as a doctor works on the body.

Please note the distinction between a hypnotist, and a cinical hypnotherapist. They might sound similar but the 2 are very different, A hypnotherapist is a practitioner of hypnosis and hypnotherapeutic techniques- generally hypnotists are stage practitioners. Also, a hypno-psychotherapist ( i am one of these)  is trained even longer than a hypnotherapist.

Where does the hypnotherapist service cover?

Our Derby hypnotherapist service covers Derby ( of course) but also Derbyshire and as the location of the Derby office is on the border of 2 counties, it also sees clients from right across Derbyshire – areas such as Amber Valley which is seen as the heart of Derbyshire, Alfreton, and even as far up as Buxton.

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