“Dear Gary, Just a quick note to say a big thank you for everything you have done for me. When I approached you it was really a last port of call. My flying phobia had gotten completely out of control to the point I couldn’t even see a plane in the sky without feeling anxious, not to mention the massive panic attacks I suffered when I actually flew. To be honest, I didn’t hold up much hope for hypnotherapy and was more or less convinced that nothing would be able to help me. I thought hypnotherapy might be fine for people who are slightly nervous, but my anxiety wasn’t touched by enormous amounts of Valium or alcohol, so surely this alternative therapy would have little to no effect on me. I’m so glad though that, out of pure desperation, I sought you out and after 5 sessions I was able to cancel my doctors appointment to get Valium prescribed for my imminent flight. And when the day came around, I was able to fly as a perfectly normal person. Going through hypnotherapy has been life changing, and I am so glad I found someone who takes such pride in their work, are thorough and listens actively to their patients concerns. I have recommended you to all my friends who suffers with anxiety, and hope that they also takes the step to book an appointment with you, as I am confident if you could cure me from my fear of flying, you can cure anyone from anything! All the best Maria



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