“Dear Gary

I would like to say thank you for your patience and understanding over the weeks that I have been coming to see you.

I felt I was a weak failure of a woman, lacked confidence, but you put me at my ease made it easy to talk to you and did not mind about my tears.

I was a bit dubious at the time as to whether the hypnotherapy would work especially in me being desperate to lose weight!!  You did assure me it would happen given time.

After my first few  visits I did begin to feel better and more relaxed, you helped me to realise that I was not a failure or weak and the guilty feelings I had were not my fault and I did not need to feel guilty about anything.

You talked me through why my weight and food phobia telling me I could do anything if I wanted to.

As you said, once you had guided my mind through my issues I began to feel better in myself and did realise I could do anything!! The big problem was my weight and hooray  I did start to lose the weight that I wanted to.

When the time came for you to say that you felt I did not need to come anymore I did panic a little, but I feel I have managed quite well on my own and I do still hear your voice saying you can do it and I can.

I would not hesitate to recommend anyone that has any sort of problems to come along and talk to you.

Once again Gary thank you for helping me through what I thought was a difficult time for me.

I am very grateful thanks.

Name withheld.