Have you ever wondered what hypnosis actually involves? Well, its probably NOT what you think.

We all experience hypnosis (trance states) every day: Things like being lost in a book or a film, “being miles away” or even driving on autopilot are all examples of hypnosis. Sports people call it being in “the zone”.

There is no going to sleep, no mind control, in fact you are probably MORE aware not less.

You are in full control at all times, the hypnotherapist doesnt take over you- that’s just a misconception. You can’t get stuck in a trance state either.

You might feel a deep sense of relaxation, maybe more relaxed than ever before! The simplest way to think about hypnosis, in a way most people can relate to is retraining the brain.

In a trance state, the brain seems far more open to new ways of thinking and behaving than without.

With a good, caring therapist, hypnotherapy is completely safe and natural, and it can have deep lasting effects for life.

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