The things most clients look for when choosing a hypnotherapist are:

Experience: I have been helping people since 2001. Think how long you have done your job for and how good you have got at it in say 5 years

Qualifications: I trained at the worlds oldest school of hypnosis and psychotherapy. I am also a Master Practitioner in NLP. To you that means i have many many skills to help you change.

Price: Money doesnt grow on tress but your mental health is priceless.My fees reflect my training and my experience but also my location. If i were based in a city centre my fees would increase but i have a location thats easy to find and also less to run than a city based office, so i can help more people.

Professional Memberships: I am a member of the top 2 hypnotherapy organisations here in the UK. To be a member of these organisations means i have to be everything i claim to be (qualified, insured etc)

Location: As stated already, my location is easy to find, no driving and parking in town centres. I am located just off the A38. With this location i have seen clients from as far away as Loughborough, Selby and Newark.

Also there is the fact that i am very approachable and put you first!

Your success is my success.

To find out more feel free to get in touch with my Derbyshire office here or my Nottinghamshire/Mansfield office here.

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