What Does My Dream Mean ?

Many clients say that they have dreams that go with their problems, some even come just for help to decipher their dreams. Dream analysis and dream interpretation is not for everyone but it can be hugely beneficial as either part of the therapy – IF REQUESTED or they can be stand alone requests.

Dream Meanings

The thing about dreams is there is no universally accepted theory of dreams so no dream dictionary, no dream manual can tell you what your dreams mean all they can do is give you an opinion. But if you think about it, can that opinion be any use if they haven’t met you and found out more about you? Of course not. You can only find out more about your dreams with someone that not only speaks to you- even if thats just on the phone or Skype, and gets a feel for the bigger picture of your life. With that information though, you can uncover a lot of information that has been there for maybe a long time, its a bit like not being able to see the wood for the trees.

Dreams dont always have to be nightmares, they can be funny, bizarre, or more real life. The brain, and depending on what you believe, the unconscious or even spiritual parts of us can be involved. The mind creates these dreams to tell us things, but we dont see them as the messages they are sent as. We communicate in languages but brains/minds talk in symbols- this is why dreams are so mystical. Only by working out what the symbol represents can we uncover more truths about ourself.

The Subconscious

Sigmund Freud stated that dreams were the royal road to the unconscious (we use the term subconscious now as unconscious gives the wrong impression) and there is definitely some truth to it. Another famous therapist Carl Jung did a lot of great work with dreams- again as stated earlier, anything written without getting information directly from a client can only be general opinion. The subconscious is a vast resource of information about us, about us today, yesterday and therefore some insights as to where we may be tomorrow too.

Hypnosis Not Necessary

Today though, we dont need to use hypnosis, we can use other creative techniques, that still allow us to gain insight and therefore help people with all kinds of problems. Understanding dreams can make a great deal of difference to all kinds of issues- stress, anxiety, abuse cases, migraines, the list is endless. Our minds DO carry a lot of unresolved conflicts and dream interpretation or analysis is a fantastic tool to work on these things.

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