Emotions, feelings- we all have unpleasant ones from time to time and it seems that bad or negative emotions seems to find us a lot easier than good or happy ones do. Feelings can range from the usual being stressed or feeling anxious, just feeling down or even being over tired all the time. There is despair – this can be related to simple things like weight loss or deep dark periods of depression where people can feel numb for months on end.

There’s also the other less common (but just as unpleasant if not more so) hurtful feelings of being alone/lonely, not liking ourself– this can go to extremes and is often a factor in people needing therapy. Anger, jealousy, envy are other common feelings and no one ever escapes life without getting at least a few grazes from these things. I help people like YOU deal better with all these kinds of emotions, you can learn to swap these feelings for happier, more positive feelings and the best bit is that its not as hard as you might think.

Clients with depression or anxiety and panic feelings feel so scared of the problem that all they end up doing is making themselves feel these emotions even more. By helping change how your brain sees things, we can then change your feelings abut the issues that affect you. I can help break those vicious cycles using hypnosis.

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