How many of you reading this have ever looked at yourself and not liked what you saw? How often have you wished your nose/eyes/mouth etc etc was this or that way. Good therapy can help you to accept yourself more, you can learn to love those little parts of you. Altering the way we look is big business, and for some its like an obsession that can consume them. Weight loss is the best example of this – how many people reading this right now have at some time wished that they didnt have such “big” calves or smaller hips or arms, would you say 50%- 70% maybe- what about 98%? If 1 person could figure out a real weight loss pill he would the richest man in the world.

Is it really a surprise that the number of plastic surgery operations is rising year on year? The whole world is trying to change its appearance it seems. People have liposuction to lose weight not realising that the body just then deposits the fat somewhere else. I have had clients with real gastric bands come to change their eating habits, the problem is in the mind NOT the stomach.

The whole world is trying to lose weight it seems, like a social virus that has spread far wider than any otherĀ  man made problem has or probably will. Weight loss is judged by other standards would be considered an epidemic, but were so used to it its just “how people are”. I can tell you that disliking our appearance is something that hypnosis can really help with, and with the help of hypnotherapy to lose weight, you can see that it doesnt have to be such a battle- when you know how!

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