For those who would prefer not to have hypnosis as part of their therapy, you should note that I am also a Psychotherapist. This means, that I have a very wide spectrum of capabilities, to help you overcome any problems that you may face in life. Psychotherapy can be carried out in many different forms, some of the most recognised would be – Freudian (Psychoanalysis) – although Freud has been gone a long while, he did leave us with many useful skills to help us improve our mental well being. There is also Humanistic, Cognitive or behaviour therapy. Psychotherapy is useful with hypnotherapy BUT it is also suitable for anyone whereas hypnotherapy is not suitable for say, people with psychosis.

What Can Psychotherapy Help With?

The list would be a pretty big one, i can assure you. Past fears, if you’re unable to overcome things in the past that still haunt you, such as family issues, anxiety or stress related issues, or even abuse of all kinds can be treated quite well with the right psychotherapy help. It can help with depression, mania, general sadness and unsure why, even substance abuse. Psychotherapy is also seen as a “safe” therapy for things like schizophrenia but can also help with OCD, or even post traumatic stress disorder.

Please contact me to find out if you have an issue you would like help with, and wondered if Psychotherapy could fit you.

Do I Need To See A Psychologist For Psychotherapy ?

No, not at all. Being a psychologist, or even a psychiatrist does not mean they will be good at Psychotherapy. What makes a good practitioner, is the ability to help a client see a way out from all the feelings that overwhelm them. A good therapist can help a client find their own way through issues, and on their level. No college course can teach you how to relate to people, its a skill that you either already possess and need to hone or it comes after many years of working with people from all different classes of life.

Does The NHS Offer Psychotherapy ?

Yes..and no. What I mean is that, you might be lucky enough to get referred for it but the chances of you getting seen vary widely depending on what strain your local health authority is under financially.

Psychotherapy Costs – How Much Is It?

As Psychotherapy tends to take longer than say hypnotherapy, the costs are somewhat reduced. Sessions are £40 each.

If you have any questions at all please call my Derbyshire hypnotherapy office or contact me on the contact form, I ll be happy to ring you back if need be.

I look forward to helping you soon.

Garry Webster MCNHC