When was the last time you REALLY switched off? For some people they cant remember! If you have a busy stressful life, whether its work or just home life or even if you never get chance to switch off for any reason and you would love to feel relaxed again – i can help!

If youve never experienced hypnosis,  its hard to describe the amazing feeling of tranquility, or serenity that it can bring. If i could bottle the feelings that clients get from relaxing for what is often the first time on decades, it would be worth its weight in gold!

Relaxation sessions are your chance to cast away all your stresses and strains. They are a way of switching your brain off- the sad thing is that some people NEVER get this wonderful feeling. I liken our brains to car engines, they can go and go but they need a rest too. If you look at therapy as a service for your brain then the relaxation sessions are a way to let the engine cool down. I suppose you could call it massage for the mind.

You dont have to tell me anything about stuff that you dont want to share with people, in these sessions you just come and let me do all the hard work.

These sessions have proved to be really popular and the current price is just £30 for 40 minutes.

If you want to know more, please call for a FREE chat about this. Call 07428 590066 or 01332 492016