Do you know where most peoples problem’s start?

It’s not necessarily this or that event, its not even what happened believe it or not. The single biggest problem we ( the human race have) is how we think about things, about those events.

For instance, we might have all had something unpleasant happen at some time in our life- the difference between someone who gets affected by that and someone who doesn’t is how they think about it. it is that simple!

The point of good therapy is to help change the way a person thinks about their problem- more often than not, its how we think about a problem ..that is the problem!!

Did you know that psychotherapy (i am a qualified psychotherapist) actually has been scientifically proven to change the brains structure. This is literally changing the way we think about things.

When you change how you think about something you change how you feel about it and when you change that, your behaviour can change accordingly. Public speaking is a good example, you can learn to speak more easily in front of groups.

The primary purpose of hypnotherapy is to help you think differently both about yourself and how you can fit into the world around you.


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