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Garry Webster Hypnotherapist

Garry Webster MCNHC

I have been fascinated with hypnosis way before i qualified in 2001. After having trained at probably the worlds oldest school of hypnosis i soon realised that not only did i find my niche in life and enjoy helping change other peoples lives, but they seemed to really benefit from it too. Its a win win situation!

I specialise in hypnosis and related techniques only. That means you can be sure that i have the skills you need when looking for a clinical hypnotherapist. I have 22 years experience in all other areas of hypnosis, plus NLP which is an absolutely fantastic tool to change habits and problems too. I am still amazed at seeing people get rid of all sorts of problems, psychological and physical. Hypnosis when used right, can really change your whole life.

I am always happy to give someone free advice about whether hypnotherapy is right for them, and you might find i will tell you things that other therapists might not!

I am a qualified, insured and registered hypnotherapist and hypno- psychotherapist. This may sound the same, but to be a qualified Hypno-Psychotherapist, takes up to 1800 hours at masters degree level. To be just a hypnotherapist takes 450 hours training at a much more basic level.

Being bound by a strict code of ethics and operate within set procedures outlined by fellow training organisations and governing bodies. I am also trained in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) to Master level . This is a relatively new technique which can dramatically reduce the time needed for a given presenting problem. The technique was brought to print in the 70′s and is one of the leading new forces in psychology.

You can rest assured that I only belong to the most reputable professional associations like the professional standards authority via the CNCH who maintain a strict code of ethics, and a complaints procedure for any problems that may arise. I offer a professional service to all. Feel free to check me out on the websites mentioned and also on the small selection of reviews here and on the web.

As always, if you want to know more call 07428 590066 / 01332 492016. We can call you back if you like, or use the contact form.

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