Inner Child Therapy

Although it sounds like a clich̩, many of us have some form of problem that requires inner child hypnotherapy. It makes perfect sense if you think about it Рfor the majority of us, the root of our problems often starts in our childhood. Those early, formative years can often be found at the heart of todays issues. So how can hypnotherapy help? well, hypnotherapy is the only form of therapy that can actively get in touch with those inner parts of our mind and used properly, it can help release us from some of the upset that if not treated, will stay there forever.

Think about that, our brains are really good at creating problems, but if they are left, how can we expect them to disappear on their own without any intervention. Those problems can affect so much of our daily lives that we forget what being ‘normal’ is like, (theres no such thing as normal in my experience but thats another tale). Healing and helping that inner child can work wonders in your life, it doesnt have to be painful like you might think either.

We cant go back and relive the past BUT we can change how we look at it today AND help those younger versions of us trapped inside us, see things through your eyes today. We’ve all felt lonely, or not loved enough or helpless as children, but with your adult mind, you can help that young child see a way around things, that they were too young to see before.

Theres some amazing work you can do to overcome all kinds of issues, so if you think youre one of the broken ones who cant be fixed, im up for the challenge. I LOVE my job where you help with these kinds of things, helping people put stuff to bed thats bothered them for years.

If you think this might be for you, call me for a FREE consultation to see how we can help.