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I have successfully used hypnotherapy for anxiety for over 22 years now helping people right across Derbyshire. Hypnotherapy has been proven to help with anxiety time and time again. So if you are feeling constantly anxious- are you feeling on edge, maybe having panic attacks or even dreading having a panic attack, this is anxiety. You might have been to your GP but dont want tablets or CBT hasnt worked. Most people don’t seem to understand how bad this can be for sufferers! Since 2001 i have used hypnosis for people across Derbyshire with all kinds of anxiety issues.

Having a panic attack for example, can feel like you are having a heart attack! Many, many people are rushed to hospital each year with suspected heart attacks and it turns out to be an anxiety or panic attack.

Anxiety Symptoms

Some of the most common symptoms according to DSM IV(1) are:

– a need to escape

– fear/terror

– dizziness/light headedness

– breathing rate speeds up

– heart pounding

Feelings of not being able to breathe, feeling like your heart is going to either stop or come out of your chest as its beating so hard, dizziness, sweaty palms, not knowing what to do – these are all common symptoms of anxiety. The worst bit is, that once you have got wound up enough, then you start to panic about panicking! Anxiety is growing year on year, and stress is of course a major part in anxiety. You can’t really feel anxious or worried without some level of stress being there and the American Psychiatric Association say that stress is at the heart of 70% of the worlds illnesses!

Is it therefore any wonder that when you are constantly in a state of panic that you get ill a lot easier than maybe you used to do.

Ever Feel A Loss of Control?

When you get into an anxious state, one thing that most sufferers can relate to is that they feel like they are not even in control of their own bodies. That in itself can make you more anxious, feeling more helpless and therefore panicking even more! These vicious cycles can really make things bad for people. With a trained hypnotherapists help, the subconscious mind can be trained to relax far more than you might realise is possible.

Fear stop panic attacks

Your fear response is at the heart of this, let me tell you that is not designed to be switched off when your brain is worrying about things- its one of the strongest instincts we have and that’s why people think were so powerless against it hint – were not!)

Living in a constant state of fear isn’t healthy at all, the blood is constantly being filled with adrenalin and cortisol (the stress hormone) and this can lead to burn out where you feel exhausted, maybe even leading to feelings of helplessness and depression.

Its not a nice problem to have- not at all.

Maybe your GP might prescribe you tablets which are usually mild anti-depressants. For some people these can make things worse believe it or not.

They are trying to treat what they think is a chemical imbalance but its not always the case and some now banned anti-depressants have been linked to people even committing suicide in the past. Tablets can be seen as just trying to mask the problem instead of fix it. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is also often used by doctors,  plenty of people state that this isn’t anywhere near enough for their problem. Its all well telling someone what to do when they are panicking but that doesn’t stop the panic coming in the 1st place does it?

Anxiety can lead to other issues like OCD, even agoraphobia in some cases, where people can’t even face leaving their house for fear of a panic attack.

Public Speaking

Believe it or not the single most common fear people have isn’t flying phobia’s or spiders, its public speaking. Panic and anxiety can absolutely ruin people’s presentations at work and even cause them to quit their jobs!

Panic Attack Help

Anxiety and panic form a large chunk of my week as a clinical hypnotherapist. I have a lot of experience and can help you learn how to stop panicking. I can help you learn to relax again,  with public speaking issues, anxiety attacks or even agoraphobia. I know from 1st hand experience how to also deal with OCD. Hypnosis works with the inner you to beat these issues and get back to a more normal life!

Hypnotherapy For Toilet Anxiety

Toilet anxiety occurs when a person becomes so anxious that they darent go far in case they need the toilet. This can really cause some big problems for sufferers, as even a 30 minute drive to work can become a nightmare. People will go to extreme lengths to plan where all the local toilets are on a given journey, and more often than not they will totally avoid any journeys where there are no toilets nearby.

As this is anxiety based, this situation makes the person even more anxious, which of course makes the problem even more unbearable.

I have helped many many people to beat this issue. If you are suffering with this or you know someone who is then tell them to come fro a FREE consultation and we can beat this and help them get back to a more normal life.

Call now and find out how. No obligation.

….Read our testimonials to see how effective hypnotherapy can be for anxiety/panic/stress

“I came to see Garry after I had suffered with anxiety due to a horrendous presentation in front of 40 managers and directors with my role at work. I had reached the point where I would sit in meetings just hating that it would be me next. After a couple of hypnosis sessions with Garry I found more confidence within myself and was able to focus on the important things and not the negative. I would encourage anyone with concerns or issues similar to mine to try hypnotherapy.”

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(1) Source: American Psychiatric Association (2000). Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (4th Ed., Text Revision). Washington DC: American Psychiatric Association.

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