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Hypnotherapy is a proven technique to work for stress and our hypnosis clinics in Derbyshire  treat many people, using hypnosis and NLP for this every week. It is widely accepted that stress related illnesses are one of the leading causes of death worldwide! Some research estimates that 90% of the worlds illness is firstly stress related!! Hypnosis for stress Derbyshire

As a hypnotherapist, i deal with a lot of stress issues. If youre looking to find out how you can  lower your stress levels, whether its at work, at home or wherever – hypnosis can help you be more calm than you could ever have imagined was possible.

Stress can affect ALL areas of your life and if left unchecked can cause both physical and mental problems.

Call me today and see how I can help you learn to relax. I help people to manage stress right across the East Midlands.

Stress is one of modern life’s killers. It can affect you in so many different ways you may be forgiven for thinking that you had this condition or that condition but stress can cause you symptoms just the same as a million other conditions – I see this every single day.

What Is Stress?

 We all feel pressure sometimes, every single one of us at sometime or another has experienced stress as this is how our bodies are designed to operate. We (as animals) were designed to survive dangerous situations by responding in one of two ways. If we were in danger our sympathetic nervous systems release hormones like cortisol and adrenaline into our blood stream, this helps us by increasing our heart rate and respiration rate so that we can either run away from a dangerous situation or we can stand and fight whatever is ‘threatening’ us. The increase in heart rate means blood can be pumped quicker to heal cuts and the increase in respiration rate provides more oxygen to the blood so strenuous activity like running can be accomplished more easily.

This was all very well when we had to hunt or be hunted but in the last few hundred years or so the evolution of our bodies has not kept pace with how quickly our living environment has changed. So now we can still experience the above stress situation, but it is more likely to be triggered by work stress or family stress. However, our bodies still release the same sort of chemicals in these situations as they did in the case of real danger, ther difference being that the chemicals are staying in the blood stream and not being used up, and this can lead to chronic stress, which in turn can lead to stress disorder some of the symptoms of this are listed below. There can be many complications from an untreated stress condition, stress and anger are often related as are stress and depression. People with stress are also found to suffer with anxiety. (1)

Stress Symptoms Stress Help Near me

 Look at the following stress signs and see if any of them apply to you –
– Do you often get angry
– Are you always irritable or snappy with people
– You have trouble sleeping
– You find it hard to relax
– Do you suffer from headaches a lot
– Unexplained aches and pains throughout your body

If these symptom’s do sound familiar, you like thousand’s of other’s, may be suffering from stress. Stress is one of the most common form’s of illness we ever come across. It can cause you to experience problems or pain in any or every part of your body, somoe of which just don’t seem to respond to treatment of the conventional type. You may be aware of someone that has a stress disorder and they can’t seem to be able to find a solution – but if the mind can make you ill, then it follow’s that the mind can make you better! You dont have to suffer with this -there is an answer. By using hypnosis, and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Garry has helped hundred’s of people learn what they thought was impossible- to relax and help manage stress better, even to exclude it from their lives. Your doctor can give you advice about these symptoms if you are not sure- or you can contact us.

Stress Management

We all want to feel less stress, and if you are wondering what you can do about it, call Garry for a chat. He has been trained in specific techniques that can help you take charge of your life and control stress instead of it controlling you. As an experienced hypnotherapist Garry can help you realise new ways of managing your life. Time management is a vital step in helping to control stress and it is just one of the things Hypnotherapy can help with. We often know we have a problem, but our conscious minds are limited in power when compared to our sub conscious mind. Whatever your stress symptoms are, Garry can help!

So by using hypnotherapy to help your subconscious mind in managing stress more effectively, we can effect change where before things may have seemed impossible. Using hypnosis can unlock powers within your mind that you may never have been aware of, Garry can tailor a plan specifically to your needs, as usually no two people have the same problems. To manage stress better, we need to sit down and identify what are the main cause(s). We then have to try and find a different way of dealing with these problem’s, but one of the key factor’s involved in stress management, is changing our own perception’s of given situation’s. If we can perceive something as less stressful then we will not feel as stressed. Of course life throw’s many things our way which are stressful to anyone, but sometimes it is possible to look at things in a less negative way.
1. Think about the situations that stress you, and how you behave,try and work out how you could adapt these situations to suit you better.
2. Learn PMR – progressive muscle relaxation, this is the daddy of all relaxation exercises.
3. Exercise help’s use up the stress chemical’s present in your blood. It also helps you by releasing feel good endorphins which are  natures own pleasure chemicals.

Hypnotherapy works to help you put these thought pattern into place automatically.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help?

You do not have to feel that you are destined to be stressed all of your life, you can change it for the better. The most important point is that, if you can learn to perceive stress even slightly differently, you can learn to control it better, instead of it controlling you. This is something that hypnosis can do quickly, and effectively- leading to a lasting change in your life. Whatever is causing your stress, or even if you are unsure as to why you feel so stressed all the time, be assured that your health is my priority and I aim to get the best results for you so you can feel in control of your mind and body. Stress doesnt have to rule your life, if you can create it you can destroy it.

CALL today we can call you back if you like or email using the contact form, to find out how hypnotherapy can help you relax and breathe easier once again.

Hypnosis study shows it is proven to reduce stress and anxiety


(1)Autonomic reactivity to cognitive and emotional stress of low, medium, and high hypnotisable healthy subjects.  Testing predictions from the high risk model of threat perception’. Michael Martini Jorgensen, Robert Zachariae.  The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (July 2002), Vol. 50, No.3, p.p. 248-275.

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by Garry Webster

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