Past Life Regression Therapy PLR

If youve always felt that youve been here before and you cant explain it, it could be down to past life issues. Hypnotherapy for Past life regression can help you look into this. Far Eastern religions all talk about reincarnation, and are much more into the spiritual realm than we in the West tend to be. Why we dont take this more seriously seems to be quite arrogant to me. Eastern philosophies have got most things right so far so why wouldnt they also be right about reincarnation? PLR therapy can help you heal past traumas, help you get insights into where youve been before, theres no other way of accessing this other than with hypnosis.

How many times have you felt that something is holding you back or something that you cant put your finger on is affecting you in ways you dont understand? For some people there are many reasons from the past that can cause such issues, and by going back to deal with those issues is the only way for them to overcome the problems. Regression therapy can also be very useful for people who have found that many other forms of help or treatment havent worked.

Past life regression therapy can be very useful for people who have a strong feeling or belief, that something from the past affects them today. this can be a wide range of problems, from nightmares, to trauma that may have happened and the effects still felt today, it can involve forgiveness of people, it might have issues surrounding letting go of things from then to help now.

Healing/therapy can take many forms and for some people it is the only way to move forward- by going backwards first! Hypnosis comes in different forms for some people, that is that some people find much more of a spiritual element with hypnosis, and that element often responds well to regression therapy.

Is Past Life Therapy Safe ?

Yes, it is absolutely safe, with a properly trained therapist there with you you should experience no ill effects at all. All work is done is a safe and controlled manner to completely protect you from any bad feelings. This is why you should only seek regression or past life therapy from someone who has been properly trained. That training is very important for YOU.


Imagine a future life free of past conflicts. A happier you, having finally dealt with something that has been an issue for many, many years.

Past Life Regression Costs

50-60 minutes for £70

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