Hypnotherapy For Depression

As a trained therapist, i have used hypnotherapy to treat many different types of depression – In my experience, degrees of depression vary wildly. I can help you overcome depression so please call our Derbyshire office and find out more, you can have a FREE consultation. This recent study shows that “mindful hypnotherapy is an effective intervention” in helping treat depression.

If youre Feeling depressed, dont just accept it – you can beat it just like others have beaten it.  Generally speaking, depression is characterized by a consistently low mood over a period of more than a few weeks, and its when this starts to affect your day to day living, so that every day can seem like a struggle just to get through it. A lot of us may also experience Anxiety over money worries, or uncertainty over whats going to happen in our lives. Stress over jobs and families can all add to the mix and many people just cannot help but succumb to it. The things in life that used to bring us joy may even seem like a pain at these times, everything can seem like too much hassle to deal with and it can just seem like you are stuck in a deep black hole, where escape looks impossible.

Types Of Depression Hypnosis help for depression Derbyshire

There are many types of depression, a few of which are listed below.
– Manic  (correctly called Bi-polar disorder) is often characterized by periods of intense mania and intense sadness. Each period may last for a day or number of days.
– Your GP may tell you that you have moderate or severe symptoms- of course people with major depressive episodes may try and commit suicide where people with moderate episodes would not necessarily attempt anything like this as they dont feel as low as this
Dysthymia – people may always seem fed up or just cant take pleasure in anything and not even realise they are suffering from this


If you display at least 5 of these symptoms and they are interfering with your life you may be suffering from depression:
– Significant weight loss or weight gain
– Insomnia
Feeling worthless or guilt
– Recurring thoughts of suicide or death
– Diminished interest in pleasureable activites, particularly sex
– Not being able to think or concentrate every day for this period
– You may have trouble sleeping or you may sleep too much

A lot of these types of symptoms, are helped by hypnotherapy in all sorts of other issues too!

Of course we may all experience some of these symptoms sometimes, so you should only treat this as a rough guide as the diagnosis is not necessarily as simple as it sounds. A professional diagnosis often helps distinguish what (if any) type of depression you have.External events should always be taken into consideration such as the death of a loved one, or a break up of a relationship or even long term unemployment. These types of problems can lead to what is known as reactive depression.

Treatment for depression

If you are depressed then your GP may prescribe antidepressants for you. For some people these can work and they may just carry you through this phase of your life. But for others, maybe if you are reading this you may find they do not suit you personally and would like to try alternative means to improve your problem. Hypnosis can work wonders, you can call free and see  how hypnotherapy can help you.

Hypnosis Depression Therapy

I work as a hypno-psychotherapist. For you, as a client, that means that i have a wide range of ‘tools’ available to help with the stress and anxiety that many of my clients would say is a part of their depression. Changes to the way you think and act can be implemented, and the effects from that can be far reaching. What you need to remember is that most of your life is guided unconsciously and you are usually unaware of why you do this or that, hypno-psychotherapy can help you uncover why you feel the way you do. How we think about ourselves and how we see our lives can drastically affect how much we suffer from these types of disorders. Using hypnosis you can learn new ways of thinking, and stop the negative thinking patterns which can play such a crucial role in your getting better.

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To discuss how hypnotherapy works for depression in more detail, why not call me (i can call you back if you wish)  using the contact details.
The study below compares psychotherapy to anti-depressant medication.

Karlsson, H. Hirvonen, J. Kajander, J.(2010).Research letter: psychotherapy increases brain serotonin 5-HT1A receptors in patients with major depressive disorder. Psychol Med. 40:523-528.

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