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Why wait? book in now

You might be surprised to find out that a lot of my clients think about coming to therapy a long time before they actually book in. Its not unheard of that some people wait a year or so! before actually making an appointment. So what i say to you, if youre thinking about it but [...]

Why wait? book in now2023-07-11T13:17:04+00:00

Hypnotherapy Costs – Health Care Insurance Plans

Some health insurance plans pay out for hypnosis as a treatment. Westfield Health and Health Shield pay for hypnosis but ONLY if its part of a work of a work related plan, not the private plan. BUPA Paycare

Hypnotherapy Costs – Health Care Insurance Plans2023-03-28T13:37:28+00:00

Help With Stopping Drinking

Hypnotherapy To Help With Drinking We all like a drink, maybe after work to unwind, release a bit of stress, or maybe its a social thing or even just like to have 1 or 2 when you get home. For an increasing number of people though, drinking goes beyond this enjoyable habit and becomes a [...]

Help With Stopping Drinking2023-07-11T13:17:04+00:00

Emetophobia – Fear Of Being Sick

Phobia Of Being Sick If youre suffering with this, you know how bad it can be. Emetophobia can be one of the worst phobias to have, as it becomes self fulfilling. I have helped a lot of clients to beat their emetophobia with hypnotherapy. As long as you want to beat it, thats the most [...]

Emetophobia – Fear Of Being Sick2023-07-11T13:17:04+00:00

Katy Hopkins – My Fat Story

Did anyone see the Katy Hopkins program where she put weight on then lost it again to prove that losing weight "is easy" ??  What Katy doesnt seem to realise is that its not like that for everyone else. Not everyone has that type of metabolism, not everyone finds it that easy. Its quite offensive [...]

Katy Hopkins – My Fat Story2023-07-11T13:17:04+00:00

Hypnotherapist Mansfield

I see many clients from Mansfield, Sutton and surrounding areas.This is because the Ripley clinic is approx 12 minutes straight down the A38. The office is located just off the A38 so its easy to find too.With 14 years experience we can help you beat problems quickly and efficiently. So if you are looking for [...]

Hypnotherapist Mansfield2023-07-11T13:17:04+00:00

Older Blog Posts

Hypnosis Derby If your’e looking for a quality and reliable therapy service choose hypnosis Derby . We are located 2 minutes from the A38, so no navigating through busy  town centres, and struggling to find a parking space. Our location is very private yet just 1.6 miles from the bypass. We offer evening and weekend [...]

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What Is Hypnosis ?

There are many different ways to answer this but ill tell you how i see it. Its definitely nothing to fear, not in any way shape or form. You should look at hypnosis as a way of retraining the brain. Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness, not sleep! That means that hypnosis is something [...]

What Is Hypnosis ?2023-07-11T13:17:04+00:00

Weight Loss Derby

If you are fed up of trying to lose weight and live in or around the Derby area, then let me assure you that weight loss doesnt have to be so hard. I can say that confidently, because i have been helping people in Derby, Nottingham, Mansfield and Chesterfield (plus a lot further) lose weight [...]

Weight Loss Derby2023-07-11T13:17:04+00:00

How does hypnotherapy work ?

How Does Hypnotherapy Work? The easiest way to answer this is that it re-trains the brain. Thats short and sweet, there is obviously a much more complex answer but its what people can relate to. The brain is very easily trained, but it has to be done in the right way or old habits wont [...]

How does hypnotherapy work ?2023-07-11T13:17:04+00:00

Hypnosis for dental work – Daily Mail

Watch this video and see how a female hypnotist from London had a wisdom tooth removed without any anaesthetic. Instead the woman used hypnosis to control the pain. this might seem remarkable to some of you but hypnosis has been helping people to control pain for over a century. Of course we dont have videos [...]

Hypnosis for dental work – Daily Mail2023-07-11T13:17:04+00:00

NHS Should Offer Hypnotherapy Says RSM

A report from the Royal Society of Medicine says that hypnotherapy should be offered on the NHS as standard. Many hypnotherapists have been saying this for years, but it is good to see that such a recognised body says the same Watch the video here BBC News How can psychotherapy help with hypnotherapy techniques?

NHS Should Offer Hypnotherapy Says RSM2023-07-11T13:17:04+00:00

Psychotherapy- how can it help you?

Psychotherapy Many people feel that hypnosis is not for them for one reason or another, and that is fine with me. As i am not just a hypnotherapist, i also a trained psychotherapist. I therefore have a much wider range of tools than someone who is trained only in hypnosis, and of course the more [...]

Psychotherapy- how can it help you?2023-07-11T13:17:04+00:00

Tips for choosing a therapist

Top Tips on choosing a therapist Here are our top tips that you should look for when choosing a reputable hypnotherapist. 1) Are they suitably qualified? Did you know you can spend a couple of hundred pounds, ‘study’ for a few hours and some unreputable places will give you a certificate saying you are a [...]

Tips for choosing a therapist2023-07-11T13:17:04+00:00
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