If you are fed up of trying to lose weight and live in or around the Derby area, then let me assure you that weight loss doesnt have to be so hard. I can say that confidently, because i have been helping people in Derby, Nottingham, Mansfield and Chesterfield (plus a lot further) lose weight and keep it off for 13 years now. I have many successful weight loss clients and i am very proud of the successful way i help people to see that weight loss is there if they want it.

I do not always use hypnotherapy to help people in Derby lose weight, i have plenty of clients that come for coaching as well as hypnotherapy. I am also a psychotherapist and trained in NLP which can also be used without hypnosis if a client chooses to do that. I provide a weight loss coaching service for Derbyshire, so together we can discuss what you prefer and what you don’t, and together work out a personalised weight loss plan for you.

No more diets? Really?!!

You also don’t have to think that losing weight is about depriving yourself, in my experience that doesn’t work. I can show how to lose weight without dieting, and there is no fad eating, no missing out. What i will show you will last for good if you follow the advice given. That is to say, that when you learn how to solve a problem, you cant then tell yourself that that you dont know how to solve that problem again.

Where in Derby?

I give talks on weight loss across different venues in Derby and Derbyshire.  My practice is based just outside Derby city centre so just off the A38 Derby. So if you wonder if weightl oss coaching Derby can help you, with or without hypnosis then just call 07428 590066 for a FREE chat.

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