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Hypnotherapy Weight Loss weight loss hypnosis derbyshire

I have helped people with hypnotherapy for weight loss for over 2 decades! As long as you want to lose weight then hypnotherapy can help you get the mindset you know you are looking for. In that time i have seen hundreds of clients lose weight and keep it off and in doing this i have built up a massive amount of experience with weight loss

  •  Aren’t you sick of dieting yet?
  •  Fed up of watching your weight slowly go down, only for it to fly back up again?
  •  Feeling helpless, confused by it all
  •  Dont like what you see in the mirror?

I Know How You Feel

How many times have you dieted, you might have even had some small successes losing the odd stone or 2 here and there. You have probably tried EVERY diet going. Lighter life, Atkins, cabbage soup, starvation!! the problem with these things is..they don’t reflect real life. (Closer magazine compares alternative therapies for weight loss)

What about birthdays, holidays, parties, and especially Christmas? Are you supposed to go without “nice” food all of your life and never be able to eat the foods you really want, the foods you crave, that no amount of ‘real food’ will substitute for? That’s not a life! Slimming clubs are very big business, but in my experience (not just my opinion!) they have 1 fundamental flaw, its a flaw that means they can never be completely successful. The main problem with those types of places is a) that you feel there has to be some kind of restrictions on what/how you eat, but the far bigger problem is b) they don’t take care of your brains attitude to food.

Think about it, do you binge, do you crave foods at all hours, even feeling like you have to eat when you already know you’re full?! That’s due to your brain and nothing else. Without working on how you relate to food, these clubs cant and wont be enough to lose weight and keep it off. How many times have you attended these places and seen the same old faces there week after week after week? Maybe like i said earlier you or some of them have lost weight but a year or so afterwards you’re back to square one and rubbing shoulders with others in the same boat. If these clubs worked well enough, then they would go out of business. Don’t get me wrong, between them they have some good ideas but its just not enough.

Brains are a little bit like kids of a certain age, they learn to pick and choose what suits them and equally what doesn’t suit them. The brain is at the heart of everything we do..everything! Until you learn to get your brain working with you, how do you ever expect to control your eating habits? Its your brain that wants another bag of crisps, if someone said have some fruit you might not have room for that but its funny how the brain seems to make room for all its favourite things….

Think about when your stressed, what do you find yourself doing, its almost like you do it on autopilot, you find yourself eating before you realise you have done it! Then of course the guilt sets in, then that might continue into the next day, and the next and guilt makes you feel more stressed which again ..makes you eat more- its a never ending vicious cycle.

And subconsciously you’re trying to get over the guilt by maybe skipping a meal here and there, but then you find yourself being starving and eating like a horse. Did you know stress hormones can actually interfere with losing weight?

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy weightloss hypnosis derbyshire

I have been helping people like YOU use hypnosis for weight loss for over 22 years now, and i know from experience that as long as  you have the desire to lose weight, it doesn’t have to be as hard as you might think. Weight loss therapy is about learning that you can find your willpower and put it to use, and see that with enough help you can learn to be slimmer.

If you want help to change the way you relate to food get in touch today – we can call you back, or use the contact form

We dont recommend buying weight loss hypnosis CD’s as the problem with those is that you need a tailored solution to your problems, not a generic one. The point about therapy for weight loss is that someone can see where you are going wrong and help you get back where you should be.

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