Does hypnosis work?  Read the testimonials below and see for yourself. This is just a small selection of hypnotherapy testimonials/reviews from previous clients in both of my Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire (Mansfield) hypnosis clinics. These clients have come for a wide range of problems, some wanted their names omitting from the actual text to ensure confidentiality.

NOTE: These testimonials need to be able to be verified as being genuine by the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) if necessary. All testimonial authors have therefore given prior permission to be contacted by the ASA if required.


“Thanks to Garry I was able to stop smoking a few years ago. After only 1 session I felt transformed, i was no longer feeling the need for a cigarette, within weeks I was feeling better in myself & never looked back since. Not only did Gary save me years of future illness but a load of cash too.

As with most things it takes some will power but Gary helped change my mind set and gave me the tools to do what was needed. I highly recommend the treatment, you have nothing to lose and lots to gain if works for you too.”*


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“I would just like to say a big thank you to Garry for helping me to feel sane again after suffering from depression off and on for many years. Garry helped me to see that I could help myself and challenge my thinking.

The amazing thing is how quickly this happens, really after only a few sessions!
Whatever problems you are experiencing hypnotherapy really works and Garry has the experience and skill to put you at ease and help you move on with your life.
     Thanks Garry” *

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“In July 2011 I was the heaviest weight I have ever been and my obsession with chocolate and food was dangerously out of control.

 I knew I had to do something or I would literally eat myself to death.

 I looked on the internet for someone to help me through hypnosis and I came across Garry’s website and  arranged to go and see him.

 Following my first session with him I never touched chocolate again – almost a year now and I don’t crave or want it anymore.

 I knew once I got the chocolate under control I could conker anything and over the next 4 sessions Garry helped me with my eating problems and I have now lost over 5 stone in 11 months and feel so much better.

 My next goal is 6 stone and I know I will get there.

 I can’t recommend Garry enough, he was kind and caring and listened to my issues and tailored the sessions to my needs.  I was sceptical at first but I can confidently say it worked for me.

 The little voice in my head will say to me “Will that food help you lose weight? If not don’t eat it!”

 I have so much more confidence and enjoy going to the gym all through Garry’s help.” *


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“Dear Gary

I would like to say thank you for your patience and understanding over the weeks that I have been coming to see you.

I felt I was a weak failure of a woman, lacked confidence, but you put me at my ease made it easy to talk to you and did not mind about my tears.

I was a bit dubious at the time as to whether the hypnotherapy would work especially in me being desperate to lose weight!!  You did assure me it would happen given time.

After my first few  visits I did begin to feel better and more relaxed, you helped me to realise that I was not a failure or weak and the guilty feelings I had were not my fault and I did not need to feel guilty about anything.

You talked me through why my weight and food phobia telling me I could do anything if I wanted to.

As you said, once you had guided my mind through my issues I began to feel better in myself and did realise I could do anything!! The big problem was my weight and hooray  I did start to lose the weight that I wanted to.

When the time came for you to say that you felt I did not need to come anymore I did panic a little, but I feel I have managed quite well on my own and I do still hear your voice saying you can do it and I can.

I would not hesitate to recommend anyone that has any sort of problems to come along and talk to you.

Once again Gary thank you for helping me through what I thought was a difficult time for me.

I am very grateful thanks.” *

Name withheld


“I came to see Garry after I had suffered with anxiety due to a horrendous presentation in front of 40 managers and directors with my role at work. I had reached the point where I would sit in meetings just hating that it would be me next. After researching hypnosis I decided that maybe it could help me overcome my issues and came across Garry’s website and made a booking.

Almost instantly after speaking to him he set my mind at ease and relaxed me as he listened to my experience and assured me I was not alone with my fears.

After a couple of hypnosis sessions with Garry I found more confidence within myself and was able to focus on the important things and not the negative.

Things have gone so well since that I’ve been in front of 90 people presenting my speech with not a worry in the world! 6 months before I’d have been hiding at the back of the room or under the table! I would encourage anyone with concerns or issues similar to mine to try hypnotherapy.

Garry thanks for everything and for helping me focus on the important things in life and not the negative!!!” *

Name withheld

Beat anxiety & panic with hypnosis


“  After forty years of mental and psychological abuse I had some pretty serious and complex
   personal issues. My doctor told me not to expect too much in my recovery – he said that “sometimes when
   things are broken they simply can’t be mended”. I didn’t believe that and fortunately neither did Garry Webster.
   Garry once said to me that he had seen hypnotherapy achieve wonderful things in people’s
   lives and I absolutely believe him.
   Garry helped me to turn my life around and I can never thank him enough. What he accomplished
   with me, in a relatively short time, was nothing short of miraculous and I never thought that I’d be
   the way that I am today.
  I would absolutely recommend Garry Webster to anybody who is seeking to improve themselves
  or the way in which they live their lives in any way.” *
Name withheld

“I first approached Garry Webster with an alcohol-related problem not knowing at all what to expect but willing to
 ”give it a go”. I was immediately at ease as Garry is easy to talk to and confide in. His expert knowledge meant
 that he could help me to identify that the alcohol was as a result of an issue and not the cause of it. This
 meant that through hypnosis and Counselling we were able to not only identify the problem but ways of dealing
 with, and ultimately, removing it. I am pleased to say that I now feel like this has changed my life, enabling me to be more confident, relaxed and happy and I cannot begin to thank Garry enough for his assistance in helping me to achieve this.” *

Name Withheld

“Dear Gary, Just a quick note to say a big thank you for everything you have done for me. When I approached you it was really a last port of call. My flying phobia had gotten completely out of control to the point I couldn’t even see a plane in the sky without feeling anxious, not to mention the massive panic attacks I suffered when I actually flew. To be honest, I didn’t hold up much hope for hypnotherapy and was more or less convinced that nothing would be able to help me. I thought hypnotherapy might be fine for people who are slightly nervous, but my anxiety wasn’t touched by enormous amounts of Valium or alcohol, so surely this alternative therapy would have little to no effect on me. I’m so glad though that, out of pure desperation, I sought you out and after 5 sessions I was able to cancel my doctors appointment to get Valium prescribed for my imminent flight. And when the day came around, I was able to fly as a perfectly normal person. Going through hypnotherapy has been life changing, and I am so glad I found someone who takes such pride in their work, are thorough and listens actively to their patients concerns. I have recommended you to all my friends who suffers with anxiety, and hope that they also takes the step to book an appointment with you, as I am confident if you could cure me from my fear of flying, you can cure anyone from anything! All the best Maria” *


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I wanted to say a huge gracious thank you to Garry at Ripley hypnotherapy for assisting and guiding me through my anxiety issues regarding taking my driving test .I had recently suffered some sort of complete “episode” each time my test drew near to the point of not seeing the test through even though it was all paid for and prepared. Garry listened to me intently and through his profession and professionalism he completely eradicated these anxieties with me and got me safely to the point of actually taking the test with confidence.I would also like to point out that using the methods he presented me with that I sat the test with complete confidence and I passed !! Thank you so very much Garry and I will continue to use the tools and skills you have shown me.Have a wonderful Christmas and may the new year bring you health wealth and happiness  :) *
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