Hypnotherapy for children

Isnt it upsetting to see children unhappy? Kids dont ‘do anything’  to deserve be sad, generally speaking they are still quite innocent and unjaded like adults can be. Dont let your kids be sad, if you feel the local authorities cant or wont help try hypnotherapy. Ive helped many young people of all ages, from 7 to 17 and the results are often really good with younger people.

The first thing is, that it doesn’t mean your children are crazy to bring them for therapy – far from it. Life does seem a lot harder these days than it did when i was a child. Schools put a lot more pressure on our little ones then they used to and there seems to be a much greater stigma of other social factors than there ever used to be. Bullying is a good example, with social media such horrible events can be featured all the world in a matter of hours, its not just a local news story anymore. And with all the junk foods, almost rammed down our throats these too can have unpleasant side effects for our kids.

What Ages Can Be Helped With Therapy?

I have seen children as young as 7, right up to teenagers and all the problems they can encounter..or bring! The only thing I would point out is that all kids mature at different rates so its not necessarily age so much as the child themselves thats important.What you should know is that most of the time, children respond really well to therapy. They have good imaginations which can be very useful in what I do.

What Problems Have I Helped With ?

The range isnt quite as wide as with adults obviously, but bedwetting, sleep issues, anger is quite common, phobias- just like us. In fact its better to work on phobias at an early age so they dont affect the rest of our lives. Bullying is something I have experienced first hand, so I know what im talking about there and have helped many kids get over it.

Autism/neurodivergent children

I have worked with many children on the spectrum, believe it or not, being autisitic etc doesnt necessarily mean you cant help. Of course they can have different problems to a lot of children but its still worth a try getting in touch and seeing how your child responds.

In Safe Hands

I am CRB checked, but even so, most of the time, I prefer it if a parent is in the room with the child at all times. Its more relaxing for everyone then. I have 3 of my own kids including 2 stepchildren (I see them as my own not step kids) and unlike a lot of therapists, I actually enjoy working with kids. I think thats probably because I am still a big kid myself and I can relate to kids, I always have been able to.

Feel free to call me to find out how I might be able to help with your little angels : )

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