Privacy Policy:

Garry Webster (“Ripley Hypnotherapy“) operates Ripley Hypnotherpy DO NOT STORE ANY of your personal data in any online or electronic form. We do not track IP addresses and any cookies stored on your computer¬† (as most websites do) do not have nay of our personal information. We also do not store any lists that may be used for social media or email purposes.

Any data you may send in a contact form is deleted within a month of receipt. At no time will any of this data be used for any purpose other than to reply to your enquiry.

As part of conforming to regulations set out by governing bodies that i adhere to, clients name and address is taken and kept on paper only. The organisations i am a member of require that i keep this data for up to 8 years. This data is name, address and contact details only. NO other medical or personal information is required nor stored.

Payments Policy

Any payments taken in the office are done by Square payments. Ripley Hypnotherapy do not store any of this payment data, it is all handled completely by the above companies.

GDPR replaces the exists data protection act.

Your right to be “forgotten”.

If you request at anytime that we delete your contact information, then it will be done so within 7 working days