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Hypnotherapy can help you treat your tinnitus. Not many people know how bad a condition this really is.If you suffer with this, then you dont need anyone to tell you how bad it is. For those who dont know- tinnitus is a distressing condition in which the sufferer experiences noise in one or both ears in the abscence of an external source. The percentage of sufferers varies from country to country but can be as high as 17% of the population! It is NOT a disease but the ability to hear sounds generated by the electrical currents that run throughout all of us. The noises heard can range form a ‘whistling kettle’ to a rushing sound, interference (electrical) type sounds, or a high pitched noise. These noises sometimes never dissipate!!


There can bre several major contributing factors to tinnitus- prolonged exposure to loud noises/music is one. Acoustic neuroma is another cause as is Menieres disease. These are the exception not the rule and other more common causes can be earwax (especially if removed by mechanical means), ear infection and injuries to the head. Even stress can be a contributing factor. Tinnitus can be so bad it can lead to depression, the sufferer never seems to get respite, even trying to sleep at night when things are quiet can be a task in itself.

Tinnitus Relief

You are not alone if this is getting you down, here at Ripley Hypnotherapy we understand what a distressing condition this can be. But, the good news is- you can learn to almost make your problem disappear. We now know many different ways to counteract this problem, allowing YOU to take control and get YOUR life back to how it was. You may have long forgotten how you used to enjoy a good nights sleep, or even the noises of nature that most people take for granted. Those things are still there waiting for you, call now to book a FREE consultation and see how hypnosis for tinnitus can help you.

Hypnotherapy has been clinically proven to help sufferers learn to ‘turn the noise down’. You can finally be free from the problem that has plagued you for so long. It may be hard to take in but just like you can learn to ignore pain you can do the same with this dreadful condition. We do not say it is a cure as such but it is the next best thing. Find out more by calling or email using the contact form. I look forward to helping you soon.

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Studies show around a 73% success rate in reducing tinnitus symptoms.

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