Toilet Anxiety – Shy bladder

If you are suffering with this, read on and to start with – youre not alone! This is way more common than you might realise, but like you probably dont go shouting about it, most other people dont either. Theres 2 main types of toilet anxiety – one where you are convinced that you cant control yourself and will have an accident if you have to travel more than 5 minutes out of where youre comfortable (your familiar area or comfort zone) and the second is also known as shy bladder, where your might struggle to go to the toilet either around people or where you think you might be heard. These both boil down to anxiety/ loss of confidence.

Dont worry! Youre in the right place. I have a lot of experience in both of these issues. The first type can be debilitating for people, it can stop them going out anywhere and everywhere, and that in itself creates more anxiety and frustration which just gets you in an ever bigger vicious cycle. It doesnt take a lot to have caused it either, the most ordinary day to day things can cause problems like this to manifest in your life. This is also a form of nervous stomach but in a different way to IBS although you might have both issues.

With hypnotherapy to help and my vast experience, you can learn to get your life back. Start today and get in touch, thats the first step to getting rid of this. Now if you are of the second type, this can also cause people a lot of issues but maybe in a different way. It can be quite a pain to not be able to go to the toilet when theres people around because, when arent there people around?! This just boils down to learning to relax about it -you might think thats easier said than done but thats only because youve not had professional help before.

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