Many people feel that hypnosis is not for them for one reason or another, and that is fine with me. As i am not just a hypnotherapist, i also a trained psychotherapist. I therefore have a much wider range of tools than someone who is trained only in hypnosis, and of course the more tools a person has the more likely a problem is to be fixed. I have studied all the main models of psychotherapy, and use these techniques daily with people to help them get a new way of thinking which in turn can help them overcome whatever problem they may have. You have probably heard of most of the famous people in this field such as Freud, or Jung but there are newer models of psychotherapy such as mindfulness or even CBT which also have been shown to be useful. When you understand these models of behaviour, you can help identify problems and then work out solutions to those problems.

Brain Changes

Psychotherapy provides many different avenues for change, and when a therapist is trained in the major models, then this helps YOU as the therapist can help provide so many different ways to change. Psychotherapy is widely recognised as being very useful in clinical settings for many different problems, and has been shown to produce neurobiological changes in the brain in people who have received it. It has been shown in some studies to be more beneficial than medication of certain types. When using psychotherapy clients can both uncover things about themselves that they might not know, but also find better ways of being themselves.

Which is Right For You?

This page is primarily aimed at people who prefer not to have hypnosis, but usually i can tell you if you would be better suited to just psychotherapy, or hypno-psychotherapy. So if you are not sure just ask and i will be happy to advise.

Advice on choosing a therapist