Phobia Of Being Sick

If youre suffering with this, you know how bad it can be. Emetophobia can be one of the worst phobias to have, as it becomes self fulfilling. I have helped a lot of clients to beat their emetophobia with hypnotherapy. As long as you want to beat it, thats the most important thing.

People who suffer from this condition, which is a phobia of being sick can have a very tough time of it, which is why they turn to a hypnotherapist who can help. The thing with emetophobia is that it makes you anxious, feel nervous, worried etc. For a lot of people this means that the nerves in the stomach can be in turmoil which in turn, then makes them feel sick!

Of course, this then makes a sufferer get so wound up about their phobia, that it actually causes them to experience the thing they fear most.

A short paraphrased section on emetophobia from Dr Carbonell in America may help:

Emetophobia occurs in men and women, children and adults. Some are afraid that they will vomit. Others are afraid of seeing others vomit. Most have trouble describing what they fear will happen if they vomit, or see others vomit, but vaguely fear some terrible loss of control, a catastrophe from which they won’t recover. They fear insanity, death, endless vomiting, and so on. Most times they can recognize that these catastrophes aren’t really going to result from vomiting. But when they feel that vomiting may occur, then they don’t feel so sure.

The overwhelming majority have vomited in the past, since almost all of us have, with no lasting ill effects. Most have also seen others vomit. Yet the absence of any ill effects from past vomiting has generally not helped a person overcome the fear of vomiting. Instead, it usually leads people to try to avoid any possibility of vomiting, and they struggle to protect themselves against what they fear.

Hypnotherapy can help!

Generally speaking, most phobias can be treated quite quickly – in around 3 sessions (depending on the person of course). Hypnosis can help you break these vicious cycles of fear>>worry>>fear of being sick>> more fear etc etc. Believe it or not, its actually the subsequent fear that causes as many problems as the original fear. I have helped people across Derbyshire to beat their fear of being sick (emetophobia) for many years. It is a relatively common fear, but you can learn how to  overcome it.

Sufferers can have a terrible time in trying to avoid any kind of situation that might make them feel sick/anxious. This can mean even avoiding trips to new or exciting places, holidays, restaurants the list goes on.

With a Master Practitioner certificate in NLP i can combine hypnotherapy and NLP to ensure that you get a fast and effective treatment for your emetophobia.

As always if you are in need of hypnotherapy in Derbyshire you can call for a free consultation and see how we can help you overcome this condition. See here for a hypnotherapist in the Mansfield area

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