Did anyone see the Katy Hopkins program where she put weight on then lost it again to prove that losing weight “is easy” ??

fat story discussion What Katy doesnt seem to realise is that its not like that for everyone else. Not everyone has that type of metabolism, not everyone finds it that easy. Its quite offensive to a lot of people to say imply that everyone can do it like she did it.

If weight loss was that simple no one would be overweight. Don’t get me wrong, im not saying weight loss isnt possible,- it is! and its not the holy grail that a lot of people think it is= ie that they cant lose weight and in my experience there’s very few exceptions to that. We dont all have the pressure of 10’s of 1000’s of TV viewers watching us though do we?

The weight loss industry is one of not the biggest industries in the world, think about it how many people do you know who want to lose weight? probably 60-70% of your friends and family would change their weight if they could? Weight loss is a massive issue and and its at epidemic proportions!

The worst bit was that Katy was so rude to those people just because they are not “thin”, she showed her naivety when she told that woman she couldnt be healthy because she was big! You dont need to be stick thin to be fit.

So id be interested to hear of your experiences with this- do you think Katy is right or wrong to go about it like this?

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